The idea of these web pages is to disseminate the personal information about Multiple Sclerosis that I have built up over the last ten years.


The information is free—as it should be, however the web pages aren’t. They cost money. If you find anything useful on these pages I ask that you contact me and let me know. If you are able I would appreciate some payment for what you use—just to help me pay the bills.


If you are a professional or are in a financial position to help fund some research into the questions raised in these pages I would love to hear from you.


Please read on—I hope you find the information interesting and perhaps worthy of discussion and not too simplistic.


I write the information on these pages with preconceived idea that the reader is not a total beginner to the effects, symptoms and physiology of Multiple Sclerosis. If you have just been diagnosed or are researching for someone who has just been diagnosed then these pages may just serve to confuse you.


There has been much written about the effects of MS on the normally healthy person. Much of it is very well written and the physiology of it is very clearly explained. I specifically have steered clear of these basic introductions to MS because I believe others have done it better than I could.


These pages are dedicated to information that I have  gathered and disseminated over the years. Since discovering the Cari Loder treatment and my own development on it I have spoken to hundreds of people with MS. I believe these pages are the natural progression from those early stages.