This site is designed for anyone wanting to find out more about the regime and treatment I have used with great success since being diagnosed with MS in December 1992.


Some say it is miraculous, others just nod their head and say ‘interesting’, while others are openly sceptical. I have tried since being diagnosed to understand what has been happening to my body now that it has let me down, now that it has changed, and along with MS I have discovered I also have coronary heart disease that is inoperable so I was left with the choice, do I sit down and slowly die or do I fight. I chose the latter.


I promised then that if I succeeded in my goal then I’d make this information available to any other MS sufferers FREE. This I have done. I must have spoken to at least three or four hundred MSers around the world—from the UK to the USA to Germany and Russia, the middle East to France and Belgium and naturally Australia. I have even had a referral from the drug company Scotia who were asked by an enquirer what the regime was that they tested, they told her the regime they had on trial and suggested that they contact me to get other regimes that I’d been studying.


In the early years I would receive at least one phone call per day from someone asking about the regime I used. In many cases I would receive follow up phone calls from them to tell me how they got on with it. In most cases I heard nothing more. My belief is that it is important for the MSer to call themselves if they possibly can because mental attitude is all important to the success of the regimes. 


You will find the regime that I use as well as the regime that others use on the pages "MS Information". Although these regimes may give the impression of being magic the rest of the pages outline the change in attitude and lifestyle that MS dictates. I urge you to read them in their entirety to give yourself the best chance to experience some recovery.


On the other pages "How it may work" you will discover my theories on how I believe the regimes work. A simple physiology of the workings of the axons is outlined. I can not for a minute say that these pages are fact since there has been no specific research done in this area. Unfortunately, research is governed by the almighty dollar and if it doesn't pay then it isn't important, attitude. Consequently, I urge you to look at these pages and if you have an opinion then I would be happy to hear from you.


Of late I have discovered the addition of calcium/magnesium and Omega3 as also been useful. However, even more than all of this, I have been treated with Samassatti Light Therapy using the colours of the rainbow on various acupuncture points of the body being revolutionary in the treatment of my symptoms and we are working on it being useful in eliminating MS altogether. I have now done a course in this Samassatti Light Therapy and hope to practice in it for MS sufferers and others as a complementary therapy.

The Journey of
Simon Hansen