This is an abbreviated story of my relationship with Multiple Sclerosis and how I now treat my symptoms with a regime of simple medications and Colour Light Therapy a new and exciting modality that is treating not just the symptoms but the cause of contractin MS in the first place.


It outlines a mental attitude that is all important to lifestyle and recovery.


Although you will be able to jump directly to any page you want, I suggest that you read each page in order. I believe that I have written it in such a way that you will be able to rebuild yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually. To have come this far you have already been to hell—now you must have the courage to come back again.


The other piece of courage you’ll need is to hope. Hope is a fickle thing but necessary. Dare to hope.


Finally, I voice some of my ideas about how and why this may work for me. Others have not always had the same success. Scotia, a Scottish drug company held clinical trials on a similar treatment and discovered a 50% recovery rate—not high enough to make development financially viable.